Update :)

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d post an update.

  1. I’m deleting my Twitter from this blog site! Lately I have noticed that I have been turning more and more into a fan account, so I have finally completely turned into a fan account. I have however made a new account where I post aesthetics and mood boards, so if you’d like to see some, it’s idecmaryam!
  2. New music! I’d like to tell you more about what I’ve been listening to lately. I’d recommend Tiffany Alvord- her covers have a feminine magical twist to them and her album Legacy is very good! Tori Kelly is also an artist to look out for. Sabrina Carpenter’s new single, Smoke and Fire, is such a great song .

That’s it for this post! I will try to post on here more hopefully!

Thank you,

MysteryGirl450 ❀



Hello everyone!

I have a list of journal prompts I will be blogging about so, these posts will be much more often. Today my prompt is: A person I admire.

You guys know that the person I look up to the most is Trevor Moran, a You-Tuber and a singer. He’s such an amazing person and will keep a smile on his face no matter what.

Okay I’m quickly cutting in right now- I just got a notification from Twitter, and Ricky Dillon tweeted me back! His videos are so funny and I love watching them, so this is like the Trevor tweet- big for me!


So anyways, I look up to Trevor. He released his first song when he was only SIXTEEN. And the fourth grade class that I help with may think he sounds like a girl, but I love his voice.


Another person I look up to is Connor Franta. He gets so deep in his videos and he’s a great person in general. He’s just gone so far in life- if you’ve read Work in Progress, you know what I mean!


I look up to Zoe Sugg as well because of how happy she makes everyone. Such a smiley and inspiring person!


That’s it for today! Happy Valentines Day, you guys! I know a lot of people don’t like this holiday, but it’s fine- chocolate is my valentine this year!

(and I spent all morning making stupid things like these haha)

Who (or what are your guys valentine’s?)

-MysteryGirl450 πŸ’—β€


You know that awkward moment when you’re with your friends and they’re talking about a TV show that you don’t watch? Or just anything in particular that you don’t know about.

Yeah, so I’m just standing there while all my friends are huddled together gossiping about what happened in the latest episode of Supernatural. And it’s like, hel-lo, I’m right here, what about me?

I just wanted to rant about that. To be honest, I’m not sure they’re even my friends- they just hate when I talk about anything I’m obsessing over. I can’t even get a word in.

Google Search: How to Get New Friends. Yay! Haha, that sounded so sad but this is supposed to be a happy post.

Some of you might remember that one of my resolutions was to stop caring about what other people thought about me. Today I went to school (I actually tried dark brown lipstick on me today, it looked so cool!) and I just blocked the words ‘What If’ from my mind. I felt just so undeniably happy and free, and a lot of stress I didn’t even know I had was gone. So now here I am, procrastinating and listening to ‘The Middle of Starting Over’ by Sabrina Carpenter, smiling for no reason at all.

Quick hack I wanted to share with you guys: If your mascara is drying up, pour a couple drops of eye drops in the tube and shake it, it’ll become liquid-yish. I got this off of a YouTube channel, Natalies Outlet, and I had no idea that this existed. AND IT HELPS SO MUCH!

I just realized that I got 32 followers on this blog, thank you guys so much! I never expected for anyone to read this- really, how many people would search ‘MysteryGirl450 WordPress’?

How did you guys find my blog (I’m guessing I commented on one of your posts…?)

MysteryGirl450 ❀


Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚

Today one of the biggest events of my life has happened, and I just wanted to do a quick blog post about it.

As you might have figured out, I’m a big fan of Trevor Moran. His voice is everything. If you like him as well, you probably have heard that he has released his EP Alive. And I’m in love with this voice.

You can get it on Spotify and iTunes, it’s worth it πŸ™‚


Trevor did a Q and A(live) earlier today and asked us to tweet him about his new EP with the hashtag #TrevorQandAlive.


That’s right. He tweeted me back. And acknowledged the fact that I am in fact a living human.


I spent the hour after I saw that tweet trying to breathe right.

This is honestly the best thing I’ve ever experienced, because he’s inspired me and changed my life, and I’m just so so happy!

Thanks for reading, guys, I just wanted to share that moment with you, you guys are the best xxx

Have you met any celebrities/got noticed/ hope for a celebrity to notice you?

MysteryGirl450 ❀



Thanks to girlofchaosblog for this blogging idea! Check out her blog:


10 (hopefully!) interesting facts about me:

  1. I’m hoping for a career in fashion design. I love drawing out designs of clothes- however, I – well, let’s say I didn’t get a very good grade in my fashion design class this semester.
  2. I spend most of my free time of YouTube. I love finding new channels and I can just sit for hours watching videos. Who are your favorite YouTubers?
  3. Some of my closest friends are across the world- meaning, I met them on Twitter and talked to them, they became mutuals, and now we message back and forth all the time.
  4. I might be kinda sort of afraid of change. Hence, the trying new things, which you can still suggest things to try πŸ™‚ Thanks, foxymess, for your suggestion of glitter liner, I’m looking into that!
  5. My favorite color changes a lot, but currently it’s teal.
  6. I love to dance. I may not be very good at it, but I’ll be moving to the music 24/7!
  7. I live near Chicago and go there pretty often. Downtown Chicago is very fun!
  8. I love High School Musical The 10 year reunion was last night, who watched?! It was amazing, although Zac Efron (My 11 year old celebrity crush) couldn’t make it. He got so much hate. Anyways, I’ll always be a wildcat. What team? Wildcats!
  9. I someday want to dip dye my hair just at the tips. I’m not sure what color yet- I guess I’ll figure it out when I actually go to buy the dye.
  10. I love chevron print. The zig-zags are so pretty!

I will also be doing top ten (or any number!) lists from time to time. You can suggest topicsΒ in the comments at any time- and if you have any suggestions for my New Years resolution, trying new things, just comment! I love love love comments.

My top 5 celebrity crushes-

5. Brendan Murray from Hometown. Hometown is a small Irish band, and Brendan’s voice is everything. This is a recent picture of him (Please ignore the flash in his eyes :))


4. Matthew Espinosa. Haha, three of these guys are from Magcon. I guess this is what I get from obsessing over Magcon. Matt is so funny and adorable.


3. Trevor Moran. Okay, I know he’s gay, but he’s so cute and his songs are incredible. To be honest, I’d want him more as a best friend than a boyfriend.


2. Cameron Dallas- enter another Magcon member. Cam is so sweet and pays attention to all his fans and is very funny too. And the fact that he’s cute, too, doesn’t hurt. XP


  1. Shawn Mendes, who else! He’s sweet, has such a great voice, and is an amazing person.


Please comment who your celebrity crushes are and join me in obsessing over people we will never have a chance with, haha, unless they suddenly fall in love with us like Jake T. Austin did with Danielle Ceasar! In case you didn’t know, he’s dating a fan who tweeted him stuff for 5 years. If he did it, there’s a slight possibility for us, right? Right?

Thank you guys so much, today I hit 20 followers and I’m so glad. And this is actually my 20th blog post! Thanks for reading!

MysteryGirl450 ❀

Blogging In My Eyes

Today I’m going to talk about the very thing I am doing right now- blogging!

Blogging, in a weird way, is kind of a YouTube video without the video, just talking to the camera knowing people will see it when you post it. In this case, talking through words to the laptop/ electronic device you are typing on. Blogging is a way of talking to people about things you want to share. Ugh, this is really hard to describe.

When I first started this blog, I viewed it as a diary I was sharing with people who would listen. I didn’t think many people would really see this, but I’ve gained more followers than I ever thought I would- and I’m thankful for each and every one of you guys!

The thing that confused me the most about blogging was how to start. Most people start things off by ‘Hey guys!’ I’ve also started off like that many many times before. So many times I’ve just said, “Hi guys!” or “Hey guys!” What do you guys start off your blog posts with?

When I first started, I had no idea what to blog about. I just shared things I found and things that I wanted everyone to know.

It’s so much fun to rant about things you care about knowing people will listen. Blogging is having conversations on a screen to people across the world.

That was very hard to explain, how I see blogging. It’s honestly a very magical thing and a big part of my life.

So I just wanted to say I love you guys ❀





So you guys know a bit about me, but not much. Today I’m going to go deeper into my fashion and beauty side!

I love experimenting with makeup. Though I may not go in public with my looks- unless I really love it!- I experiment a lot at home. I’ve tried so many different colors of eyeliner and shadow.

Playing with my hair is one of my hobbies. I’ve tried so many hairstyles for long hair, even one to make long hair appear short!

My favorite dress is a fit and flare dress. They’re super pretty and flare at mid waist. I’m a mix of a pear and hourglass shape so they suit me really well. The dress isn’t too short or too long either, it’s a midi dress.

This one isn’t exactly a fit and flare, it’s a skater dress- just a little shorter than fit and flare. It’s from Forever 21.


I don’t usually wear rings- just the one in my last post and I’ve always wanted an infinity ring- like this one from Etsy


I love pairing sweater dresses, leggings, ankle boots, and an infinity scarf. It’s my absolute favorite outfit for winter.

I usually pick black for any accessories- because hey, black goes with everything if you know how to do it correctly.

I wear super cute flats (like these from Jessica Simpson) in the summer


and long boots (like these from Carlos Santana) in the winter.


And that’s about it!

On a completely unrelated subject, the People’s Choice Awards are tonight! I voted for Shawn Mendes as favorite breakout artist, who did you guys vote for?

Love you all,

MysteryGirl450 ❀

aka Maryam πŸ™‚