sierra burgess is a loser: a review

at first, i thought this movie would be light and cute- advertised as a romantic comedy, shannon purser and noah centineo take the leads. the movie advertises an accidental text, the popular girl and the nerd teaming up to work together to get the guy, and a happy ending.


what i watched, though, had all of those things, but in a completely different context. the main character, sierra burgess, knows that the main love interest, jamey, thinks that she is someone else. yet she doesn’t correct him and in a way, starts to catfish him. not only this, but there is a non-consensual kiss in the middle of it. she becomes friends with the popular girl, veronica, that jamey thinks she is in order to catfish him. and when she sees him kiss her (keep in mind that jamey thinks that veronica is the girl he talks to all night!), sierra exposes one of veronica’s most embarrassing secrets to the whole school.

the best part of this movie is sierra and veronica’s friendship. it could not save the movie, but it was touching and certainly fulfilled my love for the ‘enemy turned friend’ trope. veronica opened up to sierra, and they ended up depending on each other and trusting each other (until, that is, sierra decides to hack her instagram account and post a secret that veronica told her in confidentiality.) the friendship was the only redeeming part of the movie, and yet couldn’t entirely redeem it.


the main character didn’t deserve her happy ending- not at all. everything that she did to jamey couldn’t be forgiven with just a song that she sang. in what seems like no time at all, jamey seems to forgive sierra just by hearing a song that she writes and takes her to homecoming- although what she has done can’t be forgiven so easily. it could be understandable that she was scared that jamey wouldn’t like her if he knew what she looked like, but it isn’t enough to justify catfishing him.

sierra burgess is a loser is one of the movies that netflix tries to twist around to make a ‘unique’ teen movie, and ends up failing with the whole plot of it. and ultimately, it isn’t worth your time.

to all the boys i’ve loved before: a review

at the beginning of high school, i felt like my life as going downhill. (which now that i look back on it, it really was not.) and so i happened to read a book with a girl just as dreamy and hopelessly romantic as me falling in love, and ever since that it has become a tradition for me to read this book along with its counterparts every time i feel that down again.


i don’t know why this particular book, or the cliché storyline that goes along with it. and i definitely don’t know how it started to make me feel better. maybe it was the fact that the main character lara jean covey wrote love letters and lived in her own fairytale world, like me. maybe it was that her sister margot felt pressured to always be the best and to always have everything together, also like me. maybe it was because the main love interest was just so damn sweet- i don’t know. but this book series swept me away in its whirlwind romance and set me down feeling like i could surely get past whatever i had in my way.


so after years of reading and rereading, i was thrilled to learn that netflix was making a movie out of the first book. and the author was one of the producers on it, so surely it would be just as amazing as the book.


i was not disappointed.


lara jean covey is a girl in her junior year of high school, who writes a love letter every time she falls hard for a boy. she keeps them in a teal hatbox up high in her closet, never intending for anyone else to see them. and then they get sent out.


five boys get a letter, and one of them happens to be her sister’s ex boyfriend. and to prevent the confrontation, lara jean goes to drastic measures to prove to him that she is indeed over him and that the letter meant nothing.

in the movie, this all comes to life. with a asian american family at the center of this, the producers do an amazing job of representing many people in the world and showing an asian girl find love in an unexpected but beautiful place. they also keep closely to the book, cutting out a few minor scenes and details but ultimately portraying it as closely as i could have ever imagined it. the characters are all unique and the actors make it seem as if the original characters from the book are there in the flesh.


to all the boys i’ve loved before may have a slightly cliché storyline of a teenage romance, but there are many aspects to it that makes it unique and a tale to remember- the book AND the movie. it takes you directly into lara jean song covey’s life and lets you experience her happiness and her distress and her embarrassment and everything she is feeling. this adorable and quirky girl at the front of the action will have you falling for her and rooting for her. in conclusion, jenny han has written a book and produced a movie that will no doubt install hope in many hearts and leave them smiling long after the movie’s credits have rolled.

the mindy project: a review

i love romantic comedies. always have, always will. happy endings, cheesy gestures, perfect moments- i’m a sucker for that.


that’s why i binge-watched all of the mindy project in a month.



when i first watched the first season of this show, i didn’t think it was going to be good. the main character, dr. mindy lahiri, put romance before friendship and took the people in her life for granted. she seemed irrational and high maintenance.


by the second season, though, the show had managed to twist up my opinion of it. mindy showed herself as a strong, confident woman- and able to be independent. i ended up rooting for her as she made important decisions and decided her priorities. one of my favorite things was how confident she was in her body. not the body that is typically shown in fashion magazines, it’s still one that mindy loves and won’t let anyone tell her otherwise. she eats what she wants and knows that she looks amazing and is comfortable in who she is.


unlike many romantic comedic movies, the show ends up portraying love in a very real manner. some episodes end with hints of hidden feelings, some with romantic moments, and some with tears and heartbreak. every relationship has problems and needs work, and it’s a realistic one. life has its ups and downs and this show definitely shows that. it has its light and funny moments and serious ones as well.


small spoiler alert in this, but a single working mom is shown in such an amazing manner. mindy would give everything for her child and her job, and this is apparent. she wants the best for them and is doing wonders as a mom and a doctor.


happy ending are the most important part of a romantic comedy, and this show certainly fulfilled that. it has the happy ever after that people long for, with a perfect match and people just right for each other. love is unexpected and takes people by surprise, but it’s worth it.


overall, this show might have been a very long romantic comedy that started off rocky, but ended wonderfully. it has bits and pieces of every emotion and part of life, and it’s been an amazing experience to watch someone transform into a strong independent person who knows what they want and get it.


the mindy project changed my initial opinion of it dramatically, and it is an excellent show. i don’t regret sticking with it for a moment. it certainly fulfilled my love for romance and kept me grounded at the same time.


how i came out

when i first realized that i was queer, i was terrified of coming out.

i was terrified and needed support. i needed someone to tell me it was okay to feel this, that i couldn’t do anything to change it and they would love me and stay with me no matter what. i needed unconditional love from my friends and family.

I decided to come out to my gay friends first, since i knew they would be accepting of me. i ended up just spitting it out to one of them while eating lunch with them one day. and that day was amazing- she hugged me and laughed and supported me completely. from then on, it was easy telling my other friends who were part of the lgbtq+ community.

for a few months of being out to some of my friends, i realized something. straight people? they had never come out to me. it was just assumed. every single person was automatically just assumed to be straight until they said otherwise.

i didn’t like this. not at all. straight people didn’t have to come out, so why should i?

so i didn’t- at least not officially. i slipped in having a crush on a girl once in a conversation, mentioned how cute another one was, started wearing pride makeup and bracelets. they figured it out on their own, and treated me exactly the same. queer did not define me. i am a person, and i just happen to like girls too.

sure, some people didn’t accept me. that’s how the world is. they removed themselves from my life on their own- started making bizarre excuses, not going out with me anymore, and eventually stop communicating with me at all. and i was glad- i didn’t need conditional friendship. if someone didn’t accept me, i didn’t need to be around them at all. toxic people? nope, i wasn’t gonna be around for that anymore.

coming out is something you have to do all your life. you’ll meet new people, make new friends- and they’ll need to know at one point or another. the more you do it, the better it gets, and at one point you won’t care anymore. if they wanna be in your life? better be okay with your sexuality.


it’s okay to be queer. it’s okay to be bi or gay or trans or whatever you are. embrace it. after all, you’re stuck with it all your life.

come out when you feel like it. you don’t need people who can’t accept you. be you. it’s okay.


what to get a guy for christmas

not having many guy friends, i’ve never really needed to get any guy a christmas present before. with three sisters, my house has always been a pretty girly place, and i’ve only had to get things like jewelry and makeup to make them happy.

but boys? shopping for them is a completely different story. you have no idea what they like or what they would want and the perfect gifts are always too expensive.

after scrolling down a hundred pages on websites who claimed that they knew what guys would like, i almost gave up. everything was either too intimate or too casual or not intimate enough or just plain expensive. i could not, for the life of me, figure out what to get my guy.

at this point? in all honesty, i think you should just ask the guy what they would like. if i’ve learned something about boys, it’s that they are straightforward when you ask them something specific. if it’s not a question about the relationship or something vague or deep, they will almost always tell it to you straight. i asked, and i got my answer. (food, if you’re wondering. the stomach is the way to his heart!)

and if you don’t wanna ask, i’d suggest a gift card from somewhere you know he would get stuff from. then he can pick out his own gift and you’re in no danger of him not liking it!

good luck with gift getting! x

why the bold type is the best show i have ever seen

the first type i watched an episodes of Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type’, i fell in love with it.

everything about it was absolutely beautiful. i could not stop watching it, it was so captivating. it got to a point where i could not watch the last episode of season 1, because after i did there would be no more until who knows when. it was-and is- such an amazing show that there is absolutely no way i will be missing out on season 2.

it captures very important issues, like gender equality and sexuality, in the form of three girls living in the heart of new york city. they work for a magazine much like cosmopolitan and seventeen, only this magazine is called scarlet and is basically the most read magazines in america.

the trio consists of kat, sutton, and jane, and they are- you guessed it- the bold type.



they throw themselves out into the world, take risks, make choices that could turn their whole lives around. and somehow it all works out.

the first episode starts with a killer hook that leaves you dying to know how they got to that point, making you finish the episode. with aspects such as a lesbian muslim photographer, a guy who leaves his girl at a transportation stop, and an article on how to stalk someone who is unstalkable, the show grabs at your attention and leaves you unable to stop watching.


this show, to me, is the best kind of entertainment. and here’s to hoping that it lasts for a very, very long time.


why falling in love with one of your best friends is the best

two years later, i am finally returning to my blog to write something. and a lot has changed in two years.

I’ve fallen in love with myself. i’ve discovered that i can be attracted to girls as well as guys. I’ve gone through some shit and come out of it stronger than ever.


most importantly, i have fallen completely head over heels crazy in love with one of my closest friends.

i don’t regret a minute of it. ever since he has confessed that he returns my feelings, i have been walking on clouds. i am filled with joy, and if this is what love feels like, the cruelest punishment to ever give someone is to withhold them from it.

not only do we now have hella feelings for each other, but our friendship is stronger than ever. friendship really is the backbone of a relationship- without it, we would be unable to completely confide in each other without being scared of the other’s judgement. we can talk late at night and spill secrets to each other and tell each other every single feeling that we’ve had. ever. and being able to tell someone that kind of stuff? now that is the best feeling in the world.

we can share dumb jokes we find off the internet at 3 in the morning. we can watch the weirdest shows in the world together and laugh as much as we want. we can look at each other’s faces for ages and not have it be uncomfortable or awkward. we always have things to talk about, and there are no words to describe how great it feels.

being in love is amazing. being in love with a best friend? that is the most magical thing in the world.


You know that awkward moment when you’re with your friends and they’re talking about a TV show that you don’t watch? Or just anything in particular that you don’t know about.

Yeah, so I’m just standing there while all my friends are huddled together gossiping about what happened in the latest episode of Supernatural. And it’s like, hel-lo, I’m right here, what about me?

I just wanted to rant about that. To be honest, I’m not sure they’re even my friends- they just hate when I talk about anything I’m obsessing over. I can’t even get a word in.

Google Search: How to Get New Friends. Yay! Haha, that sounded so sad but this is supposed to be a happy post.

Some of you might remember that one of my resolutions was to stop caring about what other people thought about me. Today I went to school (I actually tried dark brown lipstick on me today, it looked so cool!) and I just blocked the words ‘What If’ from my mind. I felt just so undeniably happy and free, and a lot of stress I didn’t even know I had was gone. So now here I am, procrastinating and listening to ‘The Middle of Starting Over’ by Sabrina Carpenter, smiling for no reason at all.

Quick hack I wanted to share with you guys: If your mascara is drying up, pour a couple drops of eye drops in the tube and shake it, it’ll become liquid-yish. I got this off of a YouTube channel, Natalies Outlet, and I had no idea that this existed. AND IT HELPS SO MUCH!

I just realized that I got 32 followers on this blog, thank you guys so much! I never expected for anyone to read this- really, how many people would search ‘MysteryGirl450 WordPress’?

How did you guys find my blog (I’m guessing I commented on one of your posts…?)

MysteryGirl450 ❤



Thanks to girlofchaosblog for this blogging idea! Check out her blog:

10 (hopefully!) interesting facts about me:

  1. I’m hoping for a career in fashion design. I love drawing out designs of clothes- however, I – well, let’s say I didn’t get a very good grade in my fashion design class this semester.
  2. I spend most of my free time of YouTube. I love finding new channels and I can just sit for hours watching videos. Who are your favorite YouTubers?
  3. Some of my closest friends are across the world- meaning, I met them on Twitter and talked to them, they became mutuals, and now we message back and forth all the time.
  4. I might be kinda sort of afraid of change. Hence, the trying new things, which you can still suggest things to try 🙂 Thanks, foxymess, for your suggestion of glitter liner, I’m looking into that!
  5. My favorite color changes a lot, but currently it’s teal.
  6. I love to dance. I may not be very good at it, but I’ll be moving to the music 24/7!
  7. I live near Chicago and go there pretty often. Downtown Chicago is very fun!
  8. I love High School Musical The 10 year reunion was last night, who watched?! It was amazing, although Zac Efron (My 11 year old celebrity crush) couldn’t make it. He got so much hate. Anyways, I’ll always be a wildcat. What team? Wildcats!
  9. I someday want to dip dye my hair just at the tips. I’m not sure what color yet- I guess I’ll figure it out when I actually go to buy the dye.
  10. I love chevron print. The zig-zags are so pretty!

I will also be doing top ten (or any number!) lists from time to time. You can suggest topics in the comments at any time- and if you have any suggestions for my New Years resolution, trying new things, just comment! I love love love comments.  Thanks for reading!




Blogging In My Eyes

Today I’m going to talk about the very thing I am doing right now- blogging!

Blogging, in a weird way, is kind of a YouTube video without the video, just talking to the camera knowing people will see it when you post it. In this case, talking through words to the laptop/ electronic device you are typing on. Blogging is a way of talking to people about things you want to share. Ugh, this is really hard to describe.

When I first started this blog, I viewed it as a diary I was sharing with people who would listen. I didn’t think many people would really see this, but I’ve gained more followers than I ever thought I would- and I’m thankful for each and every one of you guys!

The thing that confused me the most about blogging was how to start. Most people start things off by ‘Hey guys!’ I’ve also started off like that many many times before. So many times I’ve just said, “Hi guys!” or “Hey guys!” What do you guys start off your blog posts with?

When I first started, I had no idea what to blog about. I just shared things I found and things that I wanted everyone to know.

It’s so much fun to rant about things you care about knowing people will listen. Blogging is having conversations on a screen to people across the world.

That was very hard to explain, how I see blogging. It’s honestly a very magical thing and a big part of my life.

So I just wanted to say I love you guys ❤